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Inhalt: 10 Gramm, N3
Anbieter: Bayer Vital GmbH
Darreichungsform: Augen- und Nasensalbe
Grundpreis: 100 g 39,90 €
Art.-Nr. (PZN): 1578675

very effective

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Thomas Kerwel schreibt am 09.07.2015
I always have itchy eyes. Maybe because it is dry. I read an article that this woman not only use this for her eyes to fight itchiness but also as an eye cream. So I have been doing it every night. I put the cream around my eyes, not only it removes dryness, it also softens the skin around the eyes. So I know that this is better to use than normal anti ageing eye creams from the stores. So I find this very cheap compare to beauty products for the eyes. I only use just a dot on the tip of my finger and I spread it on my eyes, and work on it in circles. I think I have been using one tube for two months and Its still not empty. So its a budget saver :).
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